From the monthly archives: "July 2012"

I confess that there are few times I really want to watch TV:

  • When the sky turns green and clouds start moving in opposite directions — good time to check the weather on TV
  • Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in New York City
  • The Rose Parade in Pasadena California on New Year’s Day
  • Any televised event involving the British royal family
  • Occasional political debates involving controversial presidential candidates
  • The Olympic Equestrian Events:
    • Eventing
    • Dressage
    • Show Jumping
  • Women’s Gymnastics
  • Figure Skating
  • Ice Dancing

That’s it! End of Story! The truth is that I am a TV addict. If I had cable television I would never get anything done. I’d be glued to the tube all day long — just like I am glued to my computer screen.

So now that I am divorced and there is nobody telling me I cannot watch my favorite events on television (because they are too “boring!” — Hah! Don’t get me started….), I now really want to find a sports bar somewhere and watch the Olympic Equestrian Events on TV. Even if I did find a sports bar somewhere I’d be forced to watch track and field events, basketball, soccer, or anything other than what I want to see.

So last night I was pleased to discover that the Admin at Barnmice had posted her favorite links to the London 2012 Equestrian Events. I can follow the links and at least drool over the still pictures and occasional video feeds.

All the fun started yesterday with Eventing. It will finish up on August 9th with Dressage Grand Prix Freestyle to Music — my absolute favorite event. One of my goals in life is to participate in just such an event. It may take me a long time, but by golly I’m going to get there… once I get off my touchie, get away from the computer and start riding again. Enough said…

Here are the best links to the London 2012 Olympics Equestrian Events:

The best way to watch the Equestrian Events is to log into YouTube and google London 2012 Equestrian Events followed by the event or rider you want to watch and you’ll find lots to watch. I’ll post my faves on Twitter as I find good videos too. Follow me @dsolano.



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