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This looks like fun! The new Cowboy Dressage Challenge Tests seem to add some new activities to the basic dressage tests. The dressage arena certainly looks a bit different.

Does anyone know if this equestrian activity is being done anywhere in and around Tulsa, Oklahoma? Maybe in Claremore or Skiatook or Bixby?

Please make a comment and let us know!

Do you even know what dressage is?

When I was doing it my friends who came to dressage from riding in a Western saddle seemed to “get it” much more quickly than those of us who had come from a fox hunting or hunter-jumper backgound. That’s because cowboys ride more upright, centered over the horse’s center of gravity when riding “on the flat.” A jumping saddle pitches you a bit more forward so that you can be in a better position going over fences.

Are you looking for a farm or ranch with a dressage arena?

Or do you just want a roping arena?

Or perhaps you need a cutting pen?

Whatever equine discipline you enjoy, there’s a place just right for you and your horse in and around Tulsa, Oklahoma.

If you own a ranch or a horse farm near Tulsa and are interested in moving elsewhere or moving to midtown Tulsa or even hanging up your spurs, please call me. I’d love to position your Tulsa area horse property in both the Tulsa real estate market and in the Grand Lake real estate market.

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